I am eligible for a Locus Award!

My story, “10 Steps To A Whole New You”, published January 2021 over at Fantasy Magazine, has made the Locus Recommended Reading list, and therefore is on the Locus Awards ballot!
You can read, and listen to, the story, here:

You can also vote for me here:
And thank you! ♥♥♥

Celeste Rita Baker wins World Fantasy Award….!!!

Someone I went out of my way to see if they had something of theirs I could publish, by asking editors of a magazine I saw some fiction of hers in, just won the World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story.

To know that you’re kinda responsible for someone starting a career after helping to put them on the map is, um, hm… a LOT to fucking take in.

I get a bit intimidated by the implications and importance of this occurrence, when it hits me in waves.

And I also secretly want to it to happen again, i.e. to do this again with someone else…

Here’s the link to the official announcement:


Celeste Rita Baker, someone I LITERALLY broke into the industry, is nominated for a World Fantasy Award…!

Someone I LITERALLY broke into the industry is nominated for a WORLD FANTASY AWARD…!!!

Someone banned me from their stream earlier because they thought I was advertising my going to stream on their channel, and now this… all in one day. I had a shrink appointment.
Oh my gooodddd…
I can’t.
What a WAY to shock you out of a depressive FUNK…!