Celeste Rita Baker wins World Fantasy Award….!!!

Someone I discovered (this feels so weird to say!), and whose career I kicked off, just won the World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story.

To know that you’re kinda responsible for someone starting a career after putting them on the map is, um, hm… a LOT to fucking take in.

I get a bit intimidated by the implications and importance of this occurrence, when it hits me in waves.

And I also secretly want to it to happen again, i.e. to do this again with someone else…

Here’s the link to the official announcement:


Celeste Rita Baker, someone I LITERALLY broke into the industry, is nominated for a World Fantasy Award…!

Someone I LITERALLY broke into the industry is nominated for a WORLD FANTASY AWARD…!!!

Someone banned me from their stream earlier because they thought I was advertising my going to stream on their channel, and now this… all in one day. I had a shrink appointment.
Oh my gooodddd…
I can’t.
What a WAY to shock you out of a depressive FUNK…!

CBC Ottawa’s All in a Day interviews me!

All in a Day show with Alan Neal interviews me and bestselling author Waubgeshig Rice!
We did a Can-Con virtual convention panel titled “Tales from Home” afterwards.
Check out the CBC interview:

Oh, my GOD…

Holy… SH*T…
“’10 Steps to a Whole New You’ by Tonya Liburd
“This story left me breathless. Broken into ten parts, it progresses through the arrival of a suspicious new neighbour to an intense rebirth. It’s as sharp as a wolf’s bite and as unforgiving as death. I don’t even know how else to explain it other than to say it must be read.”

Canadian Authors – Toronto events featuring me

Canadian Authors – Toronto branch had an open mic on Friday that I ALMOST didn’t attend…
Holy Geez;

imagine if I didn’t go…?

Then I got invited to talk in the Women In Horror Month episode of their podcast!

You can find the podcast episode at:

PODBEAN: Episode # 10: The Women in Horror Show (podbean.com)
GOOGLE PODCAST: Words with Writers Podcast – Episode # 10: The Women in Horror Show (google.com)
APPLE PODCAST: Episode #10 : The Women In Horror Show