UnCommon Minds is ready for pre-order!

UnCommon Minds: A Collection of AIs, Dreamwalkers, and other Psychic Mysteries is available for pre-order now!

Contains my story “Through Dreams She Moves”, Longlisted in the 2015 Carter V Cooper (Vanderbilt)/Exile Short Story Competition!





“The most important thing if you want to be a writer is to find something to get you going. What usually works for me is a deadline. Sign up for a writers’ class, join a writers’ group, volunteer for a local paper — do whatever you have to do so that someone somewhere is expecting you to hand them something. Make it as good as you can make it, and then show it to someone and listen to what they have to say and then go at it again.

If that sounds like fun to you, then maybe you are a writer. If it sounds like lunacy, if it sounds like torture — you’re probably right too.”

Stuart McLean