It’s like twice this big now, so this is literally a snippet of it.

Thanks to Tade Thompson and a weird pic he posted on Facebook.


Somewhere in downtown Toronto, a homeless man had shoes whose soles were flapping. A stranger, seeing this, pointed to them, smiling, saying he had talking shoes. The homeless man didn’t question when the soles started closing up of their own accord. But, then, around his bare ankles, with ashy, dry skin, there appeared teeth. Suddenly fearful, he took them off. There begins the tale of the man who had shoes who could not only talk, but sing for his supper. He started to think this was a sign, and maybe now, this time, it wouldn’t be so hard to move out of the streets… see his grown daughter, who had disowned him, his grandchildren…


Tade Thompson’s “Making Wolf” featured over at Scalzi’s The Big Idea

The Big Idea: Tade Thompson Over at John Scalzi’s popular blog, Whatever:-

At its heart, crime fiction is about the social contract. We agree to live in peace with one another, and if someone comes along who won’t play nice, we sanction them. We use crime fiction to tell ourselves that no matter what happens, if someone breaks the contact, we will find the person and break them. This doesn’t happen all the time in real life, but we would like to believe it does, and so we tell ourselves stories about it.

Making Wolf is one of those stories.