I have three things published this July!

Newest fiction out: “Shoe Man” in the July issue of Expanded Horizons:- 

Microfiction! “Still Life” in Grievous Angel (Urban Fantasist):- 

Poetry too! Cascadia Subduction Zone:- 




500 word piece meant to stand alone by itself, but I plan to expand it to a full-blown short story:-


You have terminal, aggressive cancer, and today is the day you are going to die.

And now, you’re not sure if you’re dead dead, or some weird state of being, because your unique Gift that manifested at puberty–like everyone’s does–is that you can make yourself disappear, not be found. That’s how you managed to leave your family behind. The death itself was not what you thought would happen; no going towards the light, no meeting your maker. Instead it’s like as if your essence withdrew into itself, and, muffled from the sensory input of the world, took residence somewhere inside your skull.

And there you stayed.