“The Ace of Knives”, Postscripts to Darkness 6.
(Nisi Shawl uses it in her Writing The Other workshops regarding code switching).
Me reading portions of it here:-
(Also used by Tananarive Due in her Black Horror course, The Sunken Place, at UCLA)

“Through Dreams She Moves”, longlisted for the 2015 Carter V Cooper (Vanderbilt)/Exile $15,000 Short Fiction Competition;
Appearing in the UnCommon Minds anthology, January 2017

“Shoe Man”, July 2016 issue, Expanded Horizons
Narrated at Far Fetched Fables here

“Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig”, “Mondays Are Murder” Series, Akashic Books, Feb 6th, 2017

“A Question Of Faith“, BookSmugglers, July 11th, 2017.
On the The Nebula Awards Suggested Reading List.
On A.C. Wise’s My Favorite Short Fiction of 2017; reviewed by her at length here.
On Quick Sip Reviews’ 2017 Recommended reading listQuick Sips – The Book Smugglers July 2017
On The Monthly Round – A Taster’s Guide to Speculative Short Fiction
Mentioned in BookSmugglers’ TEN YEARS OF BOOK SMUGGLING (2017: A YEAR IN REVIEW)

“To Have And To Hold”,  Polar Borealis Magazine,  July/August 2017

“Damned Cat”, Polar Borealis Magazine, Jan/Feb 2018
On the Nebula Awards Suggested Reading List.

“A Stitch In Time”, Survivor anthology, Lethe Press, August 2018.
Publisher’s Weekly positive review of my story.

“Superfreak”, Shades Within Us: Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders, Laksa Media, published September 8, 2018.
-Hailed as “a powerful look at the protagonist taking control of her life and her body” by Rich Horton over at Locus Magazine:
-Praised over at Speculating Canada as “an intensely powerful and intensely *painful* tale that examines ideas of safety, security, and home…” and “a story that cuts to the quick, but it also reveals a great deal about the sort of lasting pain that comes from abuse and trauma.”

“An Accounting, Of Sorts”, See The Elephant Magazine Issue 4: Beyond Death, October 16, 2018.

“Chronology Of A Burn”, Vastarien, Vol. 1  Issue #3, October 2018.

“Bootleg Jesus”, Diabolical Plots, June 17th, 2019.
– Positive review at Barnes & Noble
– Glowing review over at Quick Sip Reviews
– Positive review over at 1000 year plan
– Reviewed over at Tangent Online
– Review over at Annaliese Lemmon’s blog
-On Maria Haskins’ 2019 Recommended Reading List
-On the Nebula Awards Suggested Reading List

“Fear Of A Black Planet”, It Came  From Miskatonic University anthology,  Aug 26, 2019, Broken Eye Books.

“Sometimes You”, Nothing Without Us anthology, Renaissance Press, September 30th 2019.
-Montreal Review of Books review
-Review over at Speculating Canada 
-Amazing Stories review
Review at Short Stories 366 Series, by Nathan Burgoine

“Mimosa Versus The Soucouyant”, American Monsters Part 2: North Americas, edited by Margrét Helgadóttir, December 2019.

10 Steps To A Whole New You“, with audio narration, Fantasy Magazine, Jan. 5th, 2021.

“The Drunken Tree”, Chiral Mad 5 anthology, Written Backwards Publications, September 27, 2022

“Hoodie”, Apex Magazine, May 3, 2022

“The Ace Of Knives”,  Apex Magazine‘s 2021 relaunch issue
(Also reprinted As part of the People Of Colour Take Over Fantastic Stories Of The Imagination online magazine anthology.


“The Sweater”, The Malahat Review, issue #193, “Elusive Boundaries: Mapping Creative Nonfiction in Canada”, 10 January 2016.

“Adventures in Gaming”, Mosaics: the Independent Women Anthology, March 8, 2016

“Dialog, Patois: If It’s Good Enough For Anthony Burgess, It’s Good Enough For You”, Apex Magazine, July 2021


“You Don’t Want To Know Me”, 4th Place Winner,  Ve’ahavta’s 2016 Creative Writing Competition, 2016

“Contemplation”, Cascadia Subduction Zone, Vol. 6 No. 3, July 2016 

“The Architect of Bonfires”, Issue #127, Winter 2016, Space and Time Magazine – (nominated for a Rhysling Award)

“Strange Ink”, Polar Borealis Magazine, July/August 2017

“Let Me In”, “ALLIGATORS IN THE SEWERS” Unnerving Magazine chapbook  Oct. 2017 (nominated for a Rhysling Award)

“The Yuppified Psycho In Denial”, TRANSITION magazine, Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan Division, spring 2020

“Possession”, Fantasy Magazine, March 14, 2023


@7×20 Magazine:- “White Tail”,  “Bible-Black Joe”, “Contemplation”,  “Surprise Visitor”, “The Meat Puppet Strings”, “Escape” parts one, two, three, 2016

“Still Life”,  Grievous Angel (Urban Fantasist),  July 17th 2016

Awards & Nominations

“Through Dreams She Moves”, longlisted for the 2015 Carter V Cooper (Vanderbilt)/Exile $15,000 Short Fiction Competition

“You Don’t Want To Know Me”, 4th Place Winner,  Ve’ahavta’s 2016 Creative Writing Competition

“The Architect of Bonfires”, Issue #127, Winter 2016, Space and Time Magazine – (nominated for a 2017 Rhysling Award)

“Let Me In”, “ALLIGATORS IN THE SEWERS” Unnerving Magazine chapbook Oct. 2017 (nominated for a Rhysling Award)

Interviews, etc.

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CBC Ottawa’s All in a Day show with Alan Neal interviews me & bestselling author Waubgeshig Rice, in preparation for a Can-Con virtual convention panel titled “Tales from Home”: