On the scribbling front…

So, the fire in the bellly has resolved itself, since, after being put to good use- figuring out Deepon’s motivation- it… died down. Not sure if it was because I finally figured it out, or because I directed the energy. Been with me all day.


I people watch. Been told it’s part of being a writer.


When people ‘pop’ out for me, I start thinking, “I can write a story around that person” or, “They’d look good on paper.”.

Eye-pop from a few days ago:-

In the subway: a black woman, black-and-grey headwrap knot in the front, head framed by headphones, bulky wool scarf wrapped once stylishly around the neck, the rest allowed to hang. A dark handbag, gold and blue patterns, hung low. Feet clad in clunky, high-topped boots over blue jeans.

The mix of headwrap and headphones drew my eye.


Apparently, in regards to the Oscars, I missed quite the show:-

“When your haughty New Yorker ‘Seth-MacFarlane-is-a-big-bad-misogynist’ think piece is just a Buzzfeed listicle with more words, you don’t have a think piece. You have a trend piece.” OUCH!

But, um, like a commenter said:- “Sooo hip. You’ve got everyone’s number. Congratulations on being part of the problem. Hope it gets you lots of pageviews.”


Thoughts For Today

Mental Health Notes:

Glad I didn’t post this before Sunday.

The push for awareness seems to be continent-wide:- miss Hunger Games won Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook, to add to her SAG award.

Apparently the Massachusetts indie band Passion Pit’s frontman, Michael Angelakos, is bipolar. And uses his personal battle with it as grist for the mill that is 2012’s Gossamer. Gonna check him out.

4.48 Psychosis. It’s a play by  British playwright Sarah Kane. It premiered… a year after her suicide in 1999. It’s being revived by Vikki Anderson. The title refers to the time in the morning when the play’s central speaker, suffering from depression, has a brief period of clarity and sanity.

Rare Birds and what this month means…

Rare birds. That seems to be the theme for today.

I’m putting myself out there to reveal I’m a woman of colour. A gamer. A geek, nerdy. Introverted. A writer. Most of the things that I have written that have garnered attention have been about vampires. A bit of a rare combo if you’re trying to find like souls online.

So it resonated with me when I saw the article in NOW Magazine regarding black women involved in the metal, hardcore and punk scenes. Laina Dawes has written a book titled “What are you doing here? A Black Woman’s Life And Liberation In Heavy Metal”. She says jaunts to  Black History month’s celebratory events left her “feeling not only socially and economically disenfranchised, but also questioning my place and presence within these communities.”

I can identify with that feeling.

She goes on to say “There’s a kind of black respectability politics that tells us what we should do and be to be proper black Canadians (a mythological animal of course), but this is extremely limiting of self-expression.”

She goes on to speak of black musicians  who started, and continued to do, rock music:- “These musicians fearlessly expressed their individuality in an era when there were no visible gains to be made doing so.”

“The individual stories of outsiders’ internal struggles to develop black pride are what Black History Month should honour and what every North American of African origin can understand.”

The women she originally approached on the street and then followed up with declined to be interviewed “because they feared what their friends and family would think”.

“the parameters describing how black people can individualize themselves and still be considered ‘black’ are more limited,” she said about Canada, where women are fully entrenched in the punk, hardcore and  punk scenes

She ends by saying “we should also celebrate the diversity of thought and preferences within our communities – something that was not always an option for our ancestors.”

Turn of phrase that made me snort:- regarding Drake “…(soliciting music videos starring himself and) the bouncing, disembodied behinds of some women.”

I’ll have to head down to HMV before the 20th to go collect the The Ladykillers dvd they have for me, so I can write that scene where my characters discuss the part where the Wayans guy gets slapped.

And speaking of birds:  The Pembina institute says pesticides kill about 700 times more birds than turbines. Seems cats, chemicals – and tall buildings – are the real threat to our fine feathered friends. I mention this because I own two.

Loving Bob Marley, smoking weed and listening to reggae music does not make you a Rastafarian, regardless of the outcome between the rastafarian consulate and Snoop.

Last thought:- if you haven’t seen this video, watch it. Pretty good and says what a lot leave unsaid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX5ueEKsSWc&feature=player_embedded


Gaming silliness, extended version.

Team Fortress 2:-

1) (me) “We made ‘The Man With The Iron Panties’ leave so we must be doing something right”

“Even iron panties can tie in a knot”


(me) “LOL!”

2) (me) “That’s weird. Is Jin invisible to anyone else?”

“No just you”

“Only good-looking people can see jin”

(me) “Then I should be able to see him.”


I’m noticing things. Men in hooded winter coats with scarves over their faces to block the wind chill. A  grim and poetic photo of  Sean Penn decking out a punching bag in NOW magazine for Gangster Squad. Two young  white women chatting away smiling and enjoying each other’s company. An older gentleman watching a flick perhaps, on a pad with music trailing over to me that sounds so damned close to Middle Eastern… is it Greek?

Checking out this photo of the Hemsworth brothers, NOW magazine again. Rugged facial hair over good-looking features on the blond one, a friendlier presentation on the other, younger one – a smile. Both harbour darker brows, dark eyelashes, and pale eyes with rugged bite. This is perhaps something I can use later somewhere, but for now… I note it here.


Went down briefly a second time to check out the eats at the Valentine’s day Tea the building’s holding. It sounded like a kid’s playground from down the hall. When a small blond boy gets his finger caught in the door and wants to cry and scream bloody murder, it will carry FAR before you arrive, I TELL YOU. OMG… O_o