My award eligible work for 2016

These are the things I’ve had published this year.


“Shoe Man”, July 2016 issue, Expanded Horizons


“The Sweater”, The Malahat Review, issue #193, “Elusive Boundaries: Mapping Creative Nonfiction in Canada.”


@7×20 Magazine:- “White Tail”,  “Bible-Black Joe”, “Contemplation”,  “Surprise Visitor”, “The Meat Puppet Strings”, “Escape” parts one, two, three

“Still Life”,  Grievous Angel (Urban Fantasist),  July 17th 2016


“Contemplation”, July 2016 Cascadia Subduction Zone

“The Architect of Bonfires”, Winter 2017, Space and Time Magazine



Composing a new poem I got an idea for while walking to the Xmas party I’m at…

One verse for you, then:-

Child of dragon,
Child of fairy,
Child of almost every myth that you are told…
Save for those of my people,
Ancient where yours are merely old,
Left to wither and die out in the cold.
Let me in.