Gaming Silliness

(Team Fortress 2)


(me) “Norgul’s here?”
(me) “And on BLU?”
(me) “We’re fucked…”
(30 seconds or so later, after getting stabbed)
(me) “Yeah, he just stabbed a pyro, so…”


(I’m Horsemeat. Don’t… ask…)

… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : nuke needs a nerf. take away his minigun. or internet connection.
Bitch_Cakes : i vote the first
… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : lol
Bitch_Cakes : xD
NUKEBAHB : they tried taking my internet
NUKEBAHB : i just found other ways
… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : what happened
… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : lol
Bitch_Cakes : he lives at the cyber cafe
Engoriel : HACKER
an egg about to hatch : he’s playing though his toaster right now
JUST LIKE A MINI-MALL (2,550) got 7 points [-4] for killing … iit ‘ s HORSEMEAT! (11,149)
Bitch_Cakes : he sells porn to cover the coffee expenses

(EDIT: just so you know. Bitch _Cakes is female. And. Obviously. Tongue-in-cheek.)


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