As of now, I am (going to be) a published author!

My very first short story acceptance on a story I both worked my ass off on, and loved.

The Ace of Knives” has been accepted for Postscript To Darkness 6.

A pyro in Team Fortress 2 named “The Ace of Knaves”, Amal El-Mohtar’s “Wing” and “Hoarding” planted the seed, well-timed words watered it, nourished it, made it grow.

And it left the nest, found a home.

I’ve squealed thanks on Twitter already, run amuck, hit things while running amuck, and ran amuck some more. So.

It will be published early next year.

More details then.


Gaming Silliness

(Team Fortress 2)


(me) “Norgul’s here?”
(me) “And on BLU?”
(me) “We’re fucked…”
(30 seconds or so later, after getting stabbed)
(me) “Yeah, he just stabbed a pyro, so…”


(I’m Horsemeat. Don’t… ask…)

… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : nuke needs a nerf. take away his minigun. or internet connection.
Bitch_Cakes : i vote the first
… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : lol
Bitch_Cakes : xD
NUKEBAHB : they tried taking my internet
NUKEBAHB : i just found other ways
… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : what happened
… iit’s HORSEMEAT! : lol
Bitch_Cakes : he lives at the cyber cafe
Engoriel : HACKER
an egg about to hatch : he’s playing though his toaster right now
JUST LIKE A MINI-MALL (2,550) got 7 points [-4] for killing … iit ‘ s HORSEMEAT! (11,149)
Bitch_Cakes : he sells porn to cover the coffee expenses

(EDIT: just so you know. Bitch _Cakes is female. And. Obviously. Tongue-in-cheek.)