… and time for some snark.

I’m still on my self- imposed exile from writing full-on, but.


So. And I say this, having seen Denise’s couch and rug, and Nancy from novel #2, in photos from various magazines…

On the makeup being touted, the hue: this side of sand. “A backstage favourite, this one-stick wonder from Italy highlights the face…”

(…cue someone with skin like dark mahogany slabbing on a sand-coloured stick across the cheek…)

“…gives legs incredible shine…”

(…cue the pale stick being streaked across same dark mahogany legs…)

“I down a glass of potassium-and electrolyte-rich coconut water before I step on the plane,” this other bit says here. Yeah, we all frequent-flyer. “It’s essential for fighting zero-humidity cabin air and staying hydrated in flight.” Uh-huh.

“A little goes a long way with this complexion-enhancing concealer.”

(Cue an applier, even paler than the ‘one-stick wonder’, being applied on…)


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