Adventures In Gaming – Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC)

Just been told by a well-known gaming troll that “You make the game worse you dumb cunt”
The previous round I went assassin, spawned 2 “bouncer” bots (a gorilla that runs around and smashes you, plus some shooting android that thwaps you for some distance), used my smoke bomb to blind the super turrets and allowed them to get at odokee unharmed. The turrets woke back up and killed me.
Odokee died from the gorilla bot, however.
I laughed like a witch.
See, if I was younger or had more delicate sensibilities, or my self-esteem leaned on the game at all, or if I wasn’t a writer with things to do and things going on, his comment when waiting for a new group would have hurt and sent me to possible tears.
Obviously that didn’t happen.


As of now, I am (going to be) a published author!

My very first short story acceptance on a story I both worked my ass off on, and loved.

The Ace of Knives” has been accepted for Postscript To Darkness 6.

A pyro in Team Fortress 2 named “The Ace of Knaves”, Amal El-Mohtar’s “Wing” and “Hoarding” planted the seed, well-timed words watered it, nourished it, made it grow.

And it left the nest, found a home.

I’ve squealed thanks on Twitter already, run amuck, hit things while running amuck, and ran amuck some more. So.

It will be published early next year.

More details then.

More gaming-related comedy relief

This one’s got a more mature theme.

(me): What do you have to hit Nuke with to make him die
(me) : I smacked him on the nuts with rox
Rowdy Roddy Sniper : It’s ok. Nuke’s been rendered impotent due to the fact the horseshoe in his ass has crushed the veins
leading to his penis
(me): roflmao
Rowdy Roddy Sniper : arteries rather. My taunts should be anatomically correct, sorry.
NUKEBAHB : u mad?
(me) : roflmao
Rowdy Roddy Sniper : u limp? 😉
(me) : BAHAHA

TF2 Silliness

Light-hearted moment while gaming after coming from a slightly belated birthday dinner.

ral0s : apoc, serious question
(Voice) AsianNg: Help!
apoc : ?
ral0s : would you lick eggnog’s face for $20
(me): yes apoc is made of hax. next question…
(me) : OOH
(me) : LICK IT
* giFToFgaMe _ : dude id lick it for free.
ral0s : lmao

Silliness On Spiral Knights…

“crits (that’s me) can be steve”

(me):- “I am not equipped to be called any male names…”

(me):- “except man-pigeon (… it’s a joke on my steam profile). ’cause, potatoes.”

(silliness ensues)

(me):- “no I am not kidding. I am literally not equipped to be called any male names…”

(after some consternation …)

(me) “I’m female, genius.”

“no I thought steve was a cross-dressing potato…”

My name was ‘steve the cross-dressing potato’ for the rest of the day yesterday. There was stalking, and a screenshot, but it didn’t take on Steam, I am finding out too late.

So all you have are snippets of the bufoonery that took place in chat… that may or may not have been documented clearly enough without the screenshot…

But I still wanna post about it…

So there.

Silliness to lighten the gloom

Just in time to lift my mood…

Light/Sav: added a hopper powered chicken farm to the house
Spiderlilly: I gotta see that
Light/Sav: ok
Light/Sav: had help from azure
Spiderlilly: what does it do? compartmentalize the chickens in chests?
Light/Sav: come see

And because it won’t be complete without pics:-



Just. Silly.

(edit) Added myself. You know. For immorrtality. And all that stuff.




Dennettgirl’s art on my shop

Turns out, instead of having to figure out how to do the art myself, get an artist who doesn’t mind.

And it’s the same artist who made my skin.

Here’s the process. I’m being so squee!

So. Here she is. Just starting.


So she starts working away…



Then she realises she started it wrong somewhere. Forgot a block (think of it as missing a “pixel”). She does pixel art. Remember way back when in the 90’s you’d do painstaking work on a microscopic level, pixel by pixel, to get things just right? She does that in her sleep.


Destroy, Destroy. Start all over again. Argh?

Destroy, Destroy. Start all over again. Argh?

Oy. Well she wasn’t grimacing about it, but I woulda.

So, onwards:-

She was actually destroying a bit here, again...

She was actually destroying a bit here, again…

Dum dee dum...

Dum dee dum…

At this point she ran outta brown wool. That’s when I realised I didn’t have permission on 1/2 the chests Mal put as hopper containers for our storage (more on that later). So we went snipping the brown wool-dyed sheep I had down in the basement. (Yeah, you can dye the sheep in Minecraft. It’s hilarious. And awesome.)

And, I dunno why I thought it’ll look like a page and not a bound book cover. I thought the brown shouldn’t be there, but I trusted  Denn; then my brain kicked in. OH RIGHT!

It's coming along nicely...

It’s coming along nicely…

She caught me checking the place out and it looked like a good screenshot moment. So.

There she is.

Caught her standing still.

Caught her standing still.

… aaand we’re done! She posed far away, good thing We caught her close up beforehand, didn’t we? Squint; there she is!

... squint and see Dennett on top of her finished book on my shop...

… squint and see Dennett on top of her finished book on my shop…

... now squint and see her  in front of the glass portion. :D

… now squint and see her in front of the glass portion. 😀

I like to give credit where credit is due; plus I love her to bits.

(Here’s the enchanted book for comparison just to show how bang-on she got it.)

Thanks, Dennettgirl!

(And. Squeeeeeeeee…!)

When my worlds collide…

I started in Nick Mamatas’ twitter today, saw something unfortunate (to add to the “Bitch from Worldcon” post I saw earlier in the week, James May’s take on white privilege) NO. *NOT* linking. Ew.

But. Silver lining time. Saw Scalzi’s post because it was linked.

I’ll let others articulate the obvious, and use a mallet to that effect, and I’m not fangirl squeeing here.

A year late (and a dollar short?) to Scalzi’s post. But.

When my worlds collide. Say what? He’s designing a game? (here.)

And. Oh. That mallet he’s wielding in his twitter profile makes SOOOO much sense now.

Ok, I lie. I’ll say something. A little thingy. Again, obvious. But, yanno.

Speaking from someone with likely the second highest difficulty setting: It’s Scalzi’s fucking sandbox. *HIS* corner of the ‘net. He PAYS for it. He wants to keep it clean. If it’s dirty, go articulate as such in a manner that’s knife-proof. He wordsmiths for a living. Don’t dither, or be foolhardy, with yours.

Hence. Mallet.


I lie?

Some more food for thought, if the 800+ comments on Scalzi’s post didn’t make u think and entertain you (the mallet thwapping):-

Off to hunt food.

(At least I’m not a SOCIAL gamer, according to those stats… Angry Birds? Wassat?)