UnCommon Minds is ready for pre-order!

UnCommon Minds: A Collection of AIs, Dreamwalkers, and other Psychic Mysteries is available for pre-order now!

Contains my story “Through Dreams She Moves”, Longlisted in the 2015 Carter V Cooper (Vanderbilt)/Exile Short Story Competition!




2 thoughts on “UnCommon Minds is ready for pre-order!

  1. “Through Dreams She Moves” was read while I also was reading “Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances” by Neil Gaiman, and in that, I was of a mind how our world is connected in unseen ways… just as this story shows us.

    It was difficult for me to read, in many ways, and not due to what most may presume are the ‘usual triggers’, but instead due to the fact that I have walked through many people’s valleys to try to help them regain a semblance of Real Life – when mainly they were able to only be locked into darkness, so that then – by our meeting in their darkness – they could take it further and gain a true life, leaving their dark world and entering True Being (Present in today).

    I give to you a standing ovation as I applaud so hard my heart aches. Well done.

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