UnCommon Minds is ready for pre-order!

UnCommon Minds: A Collection of AIs, Dreamwalkers, and other Psychic Mysteries is available for pre-order now!

Contains my story “Through Dreams She Moves”, Longlisted in┬áthe 2015 Carter V Cooper (Vanderbilt)/Exile Short Story Competition!




Nalo Hopkinson’s note to anthology editors re: diversifying the pot

The venerable Nalo Hopkinson has voiced in on creating an anthology of a diverse stable of voices. http://nalohopkinson.com/2015/05/01/to_anthology_editors.html

Because after centuries of exclusion and telling us we’re not good enough, an unlocked door is doing jack shit to let us know that anything’s changed. Most of us will continue to step around it and keep walking, thank you very much.

So make up your mind that you’re going to have to do a bit of work, some outreach. It’s fun work, and the results are rewarding.

Do read it all.

EDIT: And when you’re done, do hop on over to N.K.Jemisin’s “To anthology editors, a corollary”. Good food for thought.