Gaming silliness, extended version.

Team Fortress 2:-

1) (me) “We made ‘The Man With The Iron Panties’ leave so we must be doing something right”

“Even iron panties can tie in a knot”


(me) “LOL!”

2) (me) “That’s weird. Is Jin invisible to anyone else?”

“No just you”

“Only good-looking people can see jin”

(me) “Then I should be able to see him.”



Went down briefly a second time to check out the eats at the Valentine’s day Tea the building’s holding. It sounded like a kid’s playground from down the hall. When a small blond boy gets his finger caught in the door and wants to cry and scream bloody murder, it will carry FAR before you arrive, I TELL YOU. OMG… O_o


Based on the unanimous positive response from the scene from my novella I presented at Tuesday’s writer’s Meetup, I’m gonna give blogging a go. I’m now officially that monkey from “Everyone and their monkey has a blog” …