More gaming-related comedy relief

This one’s got a more mature theme.

(me): What do you have to hit Nuke with to make him die
(me) : I smacked him on the nuts with rox
Rowdy Roddy Sniper : It’s ok. Nuke’s been rendered impotent due to the fact the horseshoe in his ass has crushed the veins
leading to his penis
(me): roflmao
Rowdy Roddy Sniper : arteries rather. My taunts should be anatomically correct, sorry.
NUKEBAHB : u mad?
(me) : roflmao
Rowdy Roddy Sniper : u limp? 😉
(me) : BAHAHA

TF2 Silliness

Light-hearted moment while gaming after coming from a slightly belated birthday dinner.

ral0s : apoc, serious question
(Voice) AsianNg: Help!
apoc : ?
ral0s : would you lick eggnog’s face for $20
(me): yes apoc is made of hax. next question…
(me) : OOH
(me) : LICK IT
* giFToFgaMe _ : dude id lick it for free.
ral0s : lmao