Interview with Carmen Maria Machado, where she addresses the subject of writing as activism:-

As for the question of “activism,” I think that if you’re a woman, a queer person, a person of color, a non-cisgender person, a non-able-bodied person, etc., writing is inherently a form of activism because you’re staking a claim in a world that is not meant for you. When you try and put your work into the world, you’re saying “I think that what I have to say, in the way I say it, is so important that I am willing to try and get it to other people, no matter what it takes.” And that requires ego, in the best way possible. It requires that you take yourself and your craft and your voice seriously. When you’re not white, not male, not cisgender or straight or able-bodied, that ego is a radical act. So yes, the fact that I take myself seriously as an artist and do what I can to put my work out into the world is a form of activism.



On white feminists & black women stereotypes…

Useful note via Margarita Lau: it is white Western women that usually can get away with this, because the ability to violate social norms is a form of privilege. You can see it at conferences, where woc/non-Western women are dressed more professionally than white women, and white men are the sloppiest of all. Steve Jobs got away with wearing the same thing every day not because he was so above such nonsense as clothes but because he was a powerful man.

Also, the whole railing against traditional femininity thing is such a second – wave phenomenon. Like, fighting the patriarchy by adopting masculine modes of dress, speech, etc is really missing the point, and it has a quaint side-effect of casting feminine women as the enemy, instead of the whole machine of gendered oppression. Very common in academia, especially sciences, where traditionally feminine pursuits are scoffed at as superficial, and a woman loses 10 points of perceived IQ for every inch of heel. Put it together with the previous point, and you get a fun situation where the least privileged get shit from the mainstream for being “non-professional” if they step outside of the acceptable, and they also get shit from white feminists if they don’t! — via Ekaterina Sedia

(…I think Steve Jobs and others in Apple who dressed the same as he did were into differentiating Apple in branding, rather than the power aspect, although he still has a point with him, IMHO…)

Quoth: Give my regards to Humanity

Facebook asked me if I would like to change my profile picture in support of those in Paris. I thought yes, I would like to support those who have been killed for none other than hate, intolerance and cruelty. But hold up Facebook, I think I have a better filter for you.
Nigeria- January 2015. The murder of up to 2000 civilians in Baga.
Media coverage: The headlines scrolling at the bottom of the screen whilst we watched the pursuit of the Charlie Hebdo killers.
Facebook filter: None
Syria- Death toll: 250 000+
Facebook filter: None
Kenya: April 2015. Gunmen storm Garissa University college killing 147 and injuring 79 or more.
Facebook filter: None
Lebanon: November 14th. Twin bomb attacks injuring more than 200 and killing atleast 43.
Facebook filter: None
France: Paris bombings and shootings. Atleast 128 people dead
Facebook filter: Check
Burundi: Ongoing violence and genocide. Hundreds killed since April 2015
Facebook filter: None

I unapologetically refuse to hold the lives of some higher than I do others and I refuse to selectively mourn the lives of human beings.
I pray for all. I pray for humanity.