People Watching


Looking cool waiting for her son to do his shopping…


People watching

Seen in the line for my obligatory large pop (I fill it with ice, *then* add pop after) at the corner Mc Donald’s:-

etched into the jacket of the person before me:- “PantyChrist”

“That’s hilarious,” I tell the dude.

“It’s actually a feminist ban in Toronto,” he informs me.

“Get out!” I say.

So um. I changed my SMNC nick to it. I’ll switch it back to Spiderlilly soon, I guess 😀

Two homeless with their dogs on a streetcar.

Two street people, a guy and a girl, with backpacks, a guitar case and two dogs, one black and one white.

Red plaid scarf on the guy, whose face I have yet to see.

He’s settled in the middle of the streetcar, right where it’s built to rotate. She’s nestled into the single seat between the rotating middle and the door, and looks at me while I opass to exit.


Waiting to order a large hot chocolate at McD’s.

Playing peek-a-boo with a little black girl in a pram. Her mom’s got a juicy figure, breasts that I’m jealous of, dressed in a red plaid dress and headwrap. Mom never noticed, she was so busy on the phone.

As she pushed the pram away, the little girl sat up to get one last look at me. Then mom noticed; she smiled at me, still on the phone, turning the pram around, trying to beeline it for a seat.

Made my evening.