I have nonfiction upcoming in the next issue of Apex Magazine!

Behold the cover:

My article will be called “Dialog, Patois: If It’s Good Enough For Anthony Burgess, It’s Good Enough For You”.


Using Creole, and Other Regional Dialects in Writing

Repeating Islands reported that Trinidadian writer and journalist Lisa Allen-Agostini recently wrote (in Allyson Latta’s blog Memoir, Writing, & More) about her experiences using Creole in her writing.

One quote which I came away with:-

The author proceeds to give sound advice to writers who want to use Creole, stressing that “As with any new language, learning to use dialect effectively takes practice.” She adds, “Reflect on your reasons for incorporating it — anthropological authenticity, characterization, and/or art—and ensure that any dialect enhances, rather than gets in the way of, an effortless and meaningful experience for your readers.”