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You will have to be brave. You will have to get comfortable with discomfort. You will have to see past the intense angst and understand that writing is just pen to paper. The judging is the problem. The idea of yourself as a myth maker, wordsmith, visionary, golden fingered scribe only helps when you’re promoting your work–when you’re actually working what helps is patience with your fumblings, the wisdom to know that awkward scenes, wooden characters, embarrassing dialogue is only a starting place, the faith to believe that this misshapen lump of prose will get fit, will grow muscle, will grow and then fly.

Yes, you must kill your darlings, but first you must feed your ugly ducklings.


What I took away from Kiini Ibura Salaam’s Tiptree award speech

Finding my own story embedded within someone else’s…

“…I spent most of the last decade creatively paralyzed and emotionally disconnected from my writing self..  After being unable to generate new work, successfully editing my short story collection generated the confidence, focus, and strategy I needed to complete three new stories. Taking the small step to do what I could, loosened the constrictions of failure I had wrapped tightly around myself… I didn’t have more time or less children, but my mental state had shifted… Doing what I could turned out to be a gargantuan gift to myself. It has revealed that I can write a novel, I just needed some strategies to do it with the life I have now.”

Hoping to own this book of hers someday, autographed.

And finish my own.

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