…it’s a novel…!

So, it started out, as most acts of procreation do, as a twinkle in the eye.

Then, you start feeling the idea kick, and you start writing for two.
Someone took me (well the story) to a doctor… (literally; a prof with a PhD in English prose and poetry)
And… it’s a novel!
Same reaction; some elation. But mostly now… overwhelmed.
I was hoping that the ending I’d provided so far would not make it one, I’ll ┬átry and get some feedback. In the meantime.
Third time around. So it’s not a one-trick pony, nor a lucky two- time fluke.
Fine. I give up. I write novels.
I’m gonna give myself a writing break. Get it completely out my system.
In the meantime, a writer I met in 2003 at Torcon… my ufinished novel count:- 3.
Lookit hers. O_o
I may have to invest in Scrivener sometime soon. Unfinished #2 has a lot of images, etc. that that will incorporate.