Preview of my story “Superfreak” in Shades Within Us

Hey hey hey, it’s almost book release day! Shades Within Us will be out in the world on September 8th, including my story SUPERFREAK!

You can start reading here, then you can follow the Amazon links & buy the book, because it’s honestly just a really really good anthology!

Something biting cold brushed the back of Danielle’s neck. She reached  back to flick it way and felt a breath. Jumping in her seat, she looked around.
“Yo.” A black guy stood  to his full height, chuckling. “You look sweet.”
What was funny about intruding on her space?
“Wassup?” He took a swig at a cup of coffee. He seemed to have thought he’d started a conversation.
Danielle didn’t know what do to. She turned back round, joining the others watching television.
“Yo. Yo.”
Danielle took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the television.
“Yo, fucking bitch. Yo.”
Danielle’s hands clamped together. Her palms became sweaty. She didn’t know what it was like in this place yet; it was her first day. She didn’t want a conflict.
But someone seemed to have smelt the new on her and came picking for one anyway.
“Yo, fucking bitch.” A kick thumped the back of the sofa for emphasis. “Yo.”
Someone pushed themselves  in between Danielle and the sofa . A black girl , sporting a long, unstyled mohawk in a fan of fractalized colours. “Yo make some space, I wanna sit.”
Danielle moved as much as she could.
The colours in the female’s hair changed, coruscating frantically. The girl  turned around to the back of the sofa. “Darien, what you doing standing there? Ain’t you got some bush to lift your leg up on or something?”
“Shut up, man.”
“Don’t you dare tell me to shut up. You know what happened last time.”
Finally a staff seemed to ken onto what was happening. “What’s going on over there now?”
“Just Darien bothering people again,” the female said.
“Darien, you have enough warnings already.”
“Yo, miss, I wasn’t talking to this bitch…”
“Yeah, go an’ get yourself kicked out of here again.”
“Fucking bitch,” he muttered under his breath. “Stupid bitch,” he said, kicking the sofa lightly and backing away.
“Mmmhm. Icebreath,” the black girl said.  “With all that coffee you drink, fucking bad breath. Who gonna kiss you with that mouth?” She turned around, sucking her teeth and adjusting her leather jacket. The colours in her hair calmed , undulated more smoothly.
She looked to Danielle. She put out a hand. “Hi.”
Danielle took her hand, shaking it.

Here’s a link to Laksa Media’s page, where you can see all the places and ways to buy Shades Within Us!


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