Adventures In Gaming – Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC)

Just been told by a well-known gaming troll that “You make the game worse you dumb cunt”
The previous round I went assassin, spawned 2 “bouncer” bots (a gorilla that runs around and smashes you, plus some shooting android that thwaps you for some distance), used my smoke bomb to blind the super turrets and allowed them to get at odokee unharmed. The turrets woke back up and killed me.
Odokee died from the gorilla bot, however.
I laughed like a witch.
See, if I was younger or had more delicate sensibilities, or my self-esteem leaned on the game at all, or if I wasn’t a writer with things to do and things going on, his comment when waiting for a new group would have hurt and sent me to possible tears.
Obviously that didn’t happen.


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