On The Guardian article titled “Get Real Terry Pratchett Is Not A Literary Genius”:-

Kari Maaren:- “I am going to write an entire article crapping all over an author whose work I have never read, though I’m obviously an expert on him because I skimmed through one of his books in a bookstore once and found the prose pedestrian. Clearly, this author wrote nothing but trash and never had anything worthwhile to say. Why aren’t we all reading Jane Austen and Gabriel Garcia Marquez? I refuse to accept that anyone might find value in Pratchett AND Austen. It’s obvious that the latter produces only the most thrilling prose and the former only absolute garbage that is turning our brains into mush. The only reason you disagree with me is that you are part of the uncultured mob that is going to destroy the human race. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a moody novel written in the present tense about a middle-aged man painfully coming to terms with his own mortality. Toodles.”

This sort of wit  comes to Kari a TAD more easily than the rest of us; she provides hilarious interludes avec ukelele at ChiSeries’ monthly readings, and is nominated for a Pegasus Award for Best Filk Song (“Being Watson”), and Best Writer/Composer:- http://www.ovff.org/pegasus/



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