Some thoughts on TV versus reality, Downton Abbey style

Just something to think about for all the Downton Abbey fans.

From Facebook:-

Lee Wood:I had a friend who’d bought a very old Georgian farmhouse out in “Yahksheer” to renovate. She was showing me around, and took me up into the attic, where the roof was still original, cold wind blowing in under the eaves, and the top floor a warren of tiny, TINY rooms. I said, oh, they stored food up here? No – this was the servants quarters. The average room had just enough space for a very short and very narrow bed and a couple hooks on a door for clothes. That was it. The life of the average Victorian housemaid was appalling – and yet they considered themselves LUCKY to have a life in service, so bad by comparison to the farm life. No Downton Abbey gloss at all. Racial slavery slowly died out, but the brutal exploitation of the poor went on long after Victoria.”


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