A little thought on simplicity.

Watching Legion on Netflix. I don’t get the low ratings or whatever for this flick, or similar info, on Wikipedia; so far it has utterly failed to underwhelm me. Michael’s talking about the faith he has in mankind, and says it’s because of Jeep Hanson. And some may call it simple. And it brought memories of a pal I had for many years who others compared us similarly; she had traumas that affected her learning skills and had serious issues overcoming those.

At everyone’s core, everyone is simple. It’s why, on a fundamental level, I find it hard to think of myself as inherently better than those others may call ‘simple’ in a derogatory manner, or ‘simple-minded’. It’s also why I always feel bad if I’m unable to lend a homeless person change if they ask me. It’s how the simple aspects of ourselves intermingle to create who we are that causes complications. But go deeply enough, the simplicity of the strains come stronger and stronger into play. It’s why the most intelligent can sit and have a drink with those who are deemed most ‘simple’. It’s what I believe at any rate, anyway.


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