We interrupt the blog silence for…

… a brief announcement. It’s ranty, so I’m not at my best…

Honestly, I dunno how some people keep sane, keeping up to scratch on all of this hoopla. Wasn’t it just now that Penny Arcade was already in the spotlight due to some convention fiasco? PAX?

Yeah, so Foz Meadows is frothing at the mouth. And I seriously do not mean that in any put-down way, either. Maybe I’m even using that expression wrong. Hell, she’s having a case of what I call “the Fed-Upsies”. I can’t even. And people with their bullshit arguments on the Penny Arcade OISTNB “(also,) boobs” comic and why it’s not what she’s calling it, a spade. But you have to be articulate and polite and make your argument airtight even when your knee-jerk reaction is, “Oh please!” to their bullshit arguments so you don’t go completely off their rocker if they go away and cry aloud in triumph. So you have to articulate precisely why “oh, please!” is your reaction to their bullshit, which is them being dishonest.

Look, she’s calling them on BS. And she’s… well,  she’s mighty pissed. And you can’t wedge in anything sideways into her argument, because IT’S OBVIOUS WHAT IT’S REALLY ABOUT, yo. (“Pix or GTFO”, you say? Heah.) She’s just being really articulate about it. Except for when you troll, then she just throws her hands up in the air and goes “ADDRESS MY ACTUAL ARGUMENTS OR GTFO.”

‘Cause. She don’t have a mallet, (but! she has a banhammah).

Ok let’s add some of her wordage from the comments section, that you can’t really argue with:-

“You don’t fight oppression by replicating it wholesale and calling it irony. That’s the point.”

“You’re right to say I’m raging at a glacial process, but I also think you’re missing a key element that helps keep it slow: that each new generation learns what’s normative from the things our culture takes for granted, but that it’s possible to speed things up by subverting and changing the dominant stories. This is why representation in narrative is so important, for instance…”

“I haven’t missed the point at all; what you’re failing to realise is that marketing is often circular, in the sense of being used to enforce cultural norms even in the face of, and oftentimes to actively counteract, cultural change…(she goes on into great detail)”

“It’s more accurate to say it’s like someone trying to convince their introverted friend to come to a party by saying, “There’ll be passed-out hot chicks you can meddle wiiiiith…” – because even said jokingly, the idea of USING it as a joke in the first place is still a big fucking problem.”

“A strip like this might seem like not much of a big deal to you, but for a lot of women, it’s the tip of an enormous iceberg of bullshit we have to deal with more or less constantly. Does that make sense?”

Bonus points if you see bintalshamsa’s response to Lynetts Cowper’s post!

Me? I can’t even.

” ‘also, boobs’ “. Dude, you serious..?!


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