This one’s gonna get slightly morbid…

I’ve had a morbid curiosity with the 5 stitches I had to get last Wednesday just above my ankle, on the shin. I wash my hands, poke and prod and massage the surrounding area gently when there’s a SHARP itch. If the itch is on the actual cut line… which it occasionally is, mostly it’s on the surrounding area an inch outward… I plaster it with the antibiotic cream.

I even wanted to see the doctor stitch me up (he said nope), seeing as I wasn’t able to get to him the day of… so he had to make the area ‘rebleed’ … but I did see him poke needles into the pink gash and surrounding area to freeze it…

Curious, the tugging sensations I felt as he sewed and snipped away.

The novelty of having stitches for the first time in my entire life, for stitches sake (a cut) wore off when the freezing did, during the Blue Jays game, on the 13th. I kept worrying if I was gonna bust the stitches. Nope,  I won’t, as it turns out…

See, buddies online (including someone who was a combat medic) said “If it ain’t bleeding, yer fine. Let it crust over.”

“But… it looks like it’s smiling at me… I dunno…” I kept saying.

Turns out I was right.

Doc’s mighty pleased with the healing; much better than he was expecting. Apparently the damned sharp itching pains I keep getting’s a sign that it’s healing.


Just to get you squeamish again; I actually turned the stitches back and forth last night and the night before; nothing, no pain; wouldn’t have done it if there was any pain, anyway…

I believe a new layer of skin’s gonna replace what I’m seeing.

Seems to be a bunch of firsts for me these days: first cavity ever, first set of stitches…

I’ll tell you about the Blue Jays game another day. Good game, good game.

Right now, just squirm.


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