Just like the rest of the world, we get pretty giddy whenever Vogue unveils its new cover girl each month.

Uh, no. Never head the pleasure. That’s a pretty huge assumption on their part, I think, and pretty indicative that they don’t have a default inclusive worldview. Maybe it’s because I’m a POC (person of colour), that I don’t get all giddy over white chicks, or other demographics I just don’t fit into that Vogue is supposed to appeal to. Am I supposed to get giddy over magazine covers?

Naturally, we were pretty happy to see Claire Danes‘ tough, yet beautiful, face staring back at us on the August 2013 issue yesterday.

No, I wasn’t. Not since she made that kinda-racist comment around the time of making Brokedown Palace. You remember that, right?


Just a thought.


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