I hear ya… preaching to the choir…

These words.

And THIS:-

…Because then the bad thoughts creep in: What if I can’t write it? What if I’m just not good enough/smart enough/fast enough/clever enough? Dumb. Messy. Wrong. Slow. Fraud. Hack.  

The bad thoughts are paralyzing. They lock up your thinking. And so much of writing is thinking. Thinking takes TIME…

Let me tell you, the bad thoughts paralyze. I run online to friends. They give me a shot in the arm, even as I might look about me and go, “…REALLY?…”

She continues:-

…They don’t tell you that you’ll be sitting in a restaurant smiling politely at your dinner companions nodding along as you pretend to listen while secretly asking yourself, “Does that thing I’m doing with the dog in Chapter Three really work?”…


…I can only try to be patient with myself, to remember how much I love writing and… that I am working on something that’s really challenging me and forcing me to push into unfamiliar territory as a writer, to adapt and grow and learn new skills. And that it feels really scary because it IS scary.

I only know not to stop swimming.

To know that yer not alone…

And to blast music. I had words today, as well, but to hear a published author say what I am myself going through is so heartening…


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