Silliness to lighten the gloom

Just in time to lift my mood…

Light/Sav: added a hopper powered chicken farm to the house
Spiderlilly: I gotta see that
Light/Sav: ok
Light/Sav: had help from azure
Spiderlilly: what does it do? compartmentalize the chickens in chests?
Light/Sav: come see

And because it won’t be complete without pics:-



Just. Silly.

(edit) Added myself. You know. For immorrtality. And all that stuff.





2 thoughts on “Silliness to lighten the gloom

  1. I did something like that myself. Although, I had the unfortunate problem of having the chicken glitch through the hopper and then suffocate itself. I hope you haven’t had the same problem that I did. Now I have to search for more chickens……

    • …haven’t had anything like that happen that I’ve seen, but sav (@greatlight9181) made the 4-5 silly ones we had popping eggs all over the place disappear all of a sudden.
      Before the hopper farm appeared. Before that, people who were in our house- one server regular in particular- enjoyed driving me nuts by hatching more by tossing the random 8-bit eggs they found…

      We had 4 chickens ’cause u know, that’s how many came out of ONE egg I tossed. Happened TWICE.



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