Well, whadaya know…

… Where was it I heard a good way to get a story out of your mind

(so as to come at it with fresh eyes, editing, self- critiquing and all that)

… was to work on something else?

Tobias Buckell, maybe, talking on how he works…?


Gaming doesn’t… really do it for me. I can still feel it… percolating in the back there… while the game’s sensory info fills up my eyeballs and ears.

In my attempt to get this novelette out of mind, I inadvertently finished a poem I had spontaneously started.

It’s also my first ever speculative fiction poem:- titled, “The Architect of Bonfires”

Up until now, my poems have been literary.

And strangely enough, I saw a Red Pyro named that while playing on the second stage of Dustbowl map on Team Fortress 2.

What a place to get inspiration for a bit of (non-gaming) poetry, eh?

Well, here’s hoping I find it a home…


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