On the scribbling front…

So, the fire in the bellly has resolved itself, since, after being put to good use- figuring out Deepon’s motivation- it… died down. Not sure if it was because I finally figured it out, or because I directed the energy. Been with me all day.


I people watch. Been told it’s part of being a writer.


When people ‘pop’ out for me, I start thinking, “I can write a story around that person” or, “They’d look good on paper.”.

Eye-pop from a few days ago:-

In the subway: a black woman, black-and-grey headwrap knot in the front, head framed by headphones, bulky wool scarf wrapped once stylishly around the neck, the rest allowed to hang. A dark handbag, gold and blue patterns, hung low. Feet clad in clunky, high-topped boots over blue jeans.

The mix of headwrap and headphones drew my eye.


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